I came down from W’s bedroom yesterday morning, yawning and sleepy after a restless, but satisfying, night in his bed shackled and, for most of the night, in four-and-a-half-inch heels. It was sexy, and in that odd way, comforting, to be in my shackles all night, to feel their weight on my wrists and ankles and throat, to feel his hands gripping the chains, pulling me against him, at intervals throughout the night.  It gives me a very different emotional feeling than sleeping next to him unshackled. Unshackled, he is my lover. Shackled, he is my Owner. Two beautiful, and beautifully distinct, situations.
When I got to where I keep my purse & phone, I saw that my SO had left a text message for me, as he usually does, first thing in the morning. And I felt a sweet bite of longing, of missing him, so sharp and sudden it surprised me. I had only been gone one night!
I am accustomed to missing W. Our interactions are intense, whether we are playing or even just being “vanilla,” and usually of short duration, a couple days at most, intermixed with emails and an occasional phone call, so in between I suffer bouts of subdrop or longing to be with him, to sleep with him or feel his hands on me or fuck him or feel his power over me or simply sit and talk to him.  I’m used to that, it’s part of what we do, a kind of bittersweet backdrop to all that we do and are.
Feeling that for Ad that morning was a different, surprising thing.  Although it has happened when I have been away for several days, the fact of the matter is that we live together, we see each other and talk to each other daily…so it’s less likely.
I kind of liked it. I love being with one of my two men and talking about the other, I love the way we all share thoughts and joys and our lives. The intermingling  and interconnectedness – it just feels right, as does the co-mingling of Ownership and romantic relationship.
Then there are times when it all comes together, and we are sharing all in the same space, like we did over Halloween, and it’s like this wonderful synchronicity of love and kink and sex and fun and joy, and I drink it up, let it fill me and sustain me until the next time. Because those times aren’t as often as I’d like, to be honest. The times when I get to have them both at once.
I very much enjoy being played with by two men. I always have, way back when my ex used to play with me with other friends of his, to the occasional times that Ad played with me with a D/s couple I used to date, to more recent times with W & Ad. And of course the public scene Ad and I did with B in Chicago. I’m an attention slut, I guess you could say. (Ya think?)
That extends to the bedroom as well. I recall the GF saying that three-way sex with the guys was the hottest thing she’d ever done, and I concur. There’s just something about all that male sexual energy focused on you… Plus, to be blunt, all those hands and mouths and cocks…
I worried the first time it happened that it would be, well, boring, I guess you could say, for the one while I was engaged in activities with the other.  Because it’s not like three-way sex with two girls and a guy, where we are all three engaged/touching/sharing/exploring, even if you aren’t the one actively having intercourse (my guys aren’t bisexual.) But they both enjoy watching me being used by the other (and/or “helping” by restraining me, pulling on me, touching, pinching or grabbing me, etc.) as well as ordering me to service the other, so it didn’t turn out to be an issue. Again, my guys play very well together.  And I do so enjoy being the favored toy.
I woke the morning after Halloween sandwiched between the two of them. They hadn’t fucked me the night before.  I had fallen into bed when they were finally finished with me, wiped out after the intensity of the play we’d engaged in.  My ass and cunt were pretty well used. The next thing I remember was waking up with hands on me…four of them. Big, rough, men’s hands, on my hips and breasts, in my hair, squeezing my ass, exploring the folds of my girlparts and my ass, arousing and manipulating me before I was fully awake.
I opened my eyes to see Ad awake and looking at me with that look, the one that says he wants me, and he wants me now.  Without a word he pushed my head down between his legs, where I found his cock jutting up, long and hard. I was thrilled with this initiative on his part: the last time we had been together this way I had had to take the initiative because he was still in an uncertain stage about all this.
I eagerly took him in my mouth, loving the feel of him swelling and growing harder when I looked up at him, and then over at W to see him watching me.  I knew W would get off on seeing me give Ad head; I wasn’t so sure Ad would respond that positively–but he did, moaning and thrusting his cock deeper into my mouth. I’d been practicing taking Ad deeper and deeper into my throat, and had succeeded in deep-throating him a few times, getting past my gag reflex as he slid all the way down. I knew W would love to see it…so I began working my way up to it now, sliding my mouth farther and farther down onto Ad’s cock with each thrust, stroking and drawing him up and into my mouth, letting my throat loosen and open for him.
I knew I was pleasing W when I heard him get the camera.
Several pictures later, W was laying beside us on the bed again, and Ad pushed me towards W’s waiting cock. As I knelt between W’s thighs and took him in my mouth, I felt Ad get up from the bed and move behind me.  My cunt clenched in excitement as I realized what he was going to do.  As I took W deep into my mouth, I felt Ad push my thighs apart from behind and slide his cock against the wet folds of my pussy lips. I moaned and pushed back, opening for him, but he teased me for a few minutes, sliding his cock back and forth along my slit as I struggled to concentrate on W’s cock.  Then, with one swift movement, he slid all the way inside me.
W swelled hugely in my mouth and his hand came down on the back of my head, pulling me further onto his cock, as Ad thrust deeply into me from behind.  I gagged, feeling W hitting the back of my throat, but he held me there, cutting off my air as Ad continued to fuck me from behind. When I started to choke he would let me turn my head away to catch a quick breath, saliva drooling out of my mouth and down his cock, before he grabbed me by the hair again and continued fucking my mouth. I was, truly, being fucked in both ends, rocked gently or savagely between them, in and out of rhythm as we learned this new dance, all of us connected one to the other, with me as the link, a living tinker toy creation.

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