I woke with him snuggled into my back, warm and secure. I had been dreaming…  “Let’s grow old together,” I said into the predawn dark. “Let’s do this forever.”
He chuckled, his breath warm against my neck, and squeezed me tight.
“What?” I said.
“You wake up thinking about forever, I wake up thinking about fucking you in the ass when the kids leave.”
Men can be so romantic.
Later, after the kids had gone over to their father’s house, we are alone.  The house is finally quiet again.  I am moving about the front room, straightening up, picking up a stray bow from the couch, putting away the detritus from the day’s festivities.
“Come here,” he calls from the bedroom.
I walk in and find him standing by the bed, tiny candy canes and camera in hand. “We have some pictures to take for W,” he says.
I climb up on the bed and spread my thighs obediently, showing off the new jewelry. A grin spreads across his face as he looks down at my newly pierced labia–I think he, too, was surprised at how much he likes my new rings.  He hands me the candy canes.  The piercings are still new and tender, and he knows it will be easier for me to hook the candy canes in the tiny hoops.
We spend a little while arranging me and the canes, laughing, taking pictures.  Eventually, we are done and I undo myself, carefully, carefully, the piercings more tender now after having been manipulated and moved around.  I start to get up to go wash, but he pushes me back down.  “Not so fast,” he says.
He takes my legs just above the knees in his big hands and pushes my thighs back, opening them and exposing the rings even more. “Such a pretty pussy,” he says. “But it’s your ass I want.  Your beautiful ass, with its dark hole, so tight…”
I am not sure I am ready for this. To have my piercings mashed, to have his body grind into them. But I want him…damn how I want him. I’ve wanted him since I felt the first sharp, pure pain of the needle pushing into my flesh, back there at the piercer’s.  Since that moment I’ve wanted him between my legs, between those piercings, sliding between them into my wet, swollen cuntlips…but I know I can’t have that.  My ass will have to suffice.
He starts out slow, letting me grow accustomed to his size as I begin to stroke my clit.  Ass sex is always a challenge for me…I love it, but it takes some work to get me relaxed and open enough for deep thrusting.  As he begin pushing into me, I start to think about the new toys I finally ordered, and Ad joking with me at the piercer’s when I said that I hoped W wouldn’t mind not being able to fuck me: “You have two more holes, Jade,” he’d said.  “I have a feeling you’ll be getting your ass well-used.”
“Maybe I should rethink this whole piercing thing…!” I’d said. But I didn’t. And now I have these lovely (tender) piercings, and Ad is pushing into my ass and my fingers are relearning how to make myself come with my newly reinserted hood ring. The piercings pull as I rub my clit, but the pain is also pleasure.  And as he gets more excited, as I get more excited, he pushes his weight into me and onto the piercings and the grinding is pleasure and pain as well, and the feel of him, so deep, so thick, in my ass, that is pleasure and pain, too, and I come, finally, gasping, pulling my hand away like I’ve touched fire, because it kinda feels like that, now.
“Be gentle on them,” the piercer said, “they’ll heal faster.”  Uh-huh. She doesn’t know me very well, does she?

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