“You need to go home with whichever guy has the most restraint,” my piercer said, looking first at W, then at Ad, after I told her how poorly I had followed her “healing piercings correctly” instructions last time.
We broke every rule but one the first time.  I begged Ad to fuck me the day after–actually, I begged him to in the parking lot as we left.  He did have willpower then, and by the time we got home the endorphins had gone and I was too sore to even consider messing with the rings. But the next day, we got to looking at them, and of course that made me wet and even the bit of pain excited me…and soon I was holding my labia open and he was plunging his cock between the rings…carefully…and oh god it hurt…but damn the mix of pain and pleasure was so so good.
I ended up suffering for it though.
Obviously not quite enough, however, because 4 days or so later, when W got home, and I showed him the rings, and he was soooo pleased with them…I couldn’t help it. Fingers/cock…PLEASE. Now? Now! Please.  And he gave in.
Neither guy is all that good at restraining themselves when it comes to my rings, apparently.
This time, though, they hurt a lot more (due to location and the fact that I am having to work everyday since I got them, sitting on them), and I want them to heal faster, and so I have been a lot less pushy enthusiastic about playing with them.  And W will barely look at them–no temptation, he says.
I couldn’t help myself this morning though. Stroking W’s cock in the early morning, laying against him, feeling his hands stroking me, and he starts telling me things, dirty things…and I turn my back and push my ass against him, feeling his cock hard against me…and I open up my legs, imagine him nudging between them, the head of his cock pushing just a bit between the twin rails of my piercings, then past them, sliding into that moist, hot place between my thighs, knowing he can feel the steel slide against his cock as be buries himself inside me…
I almost did it, too.  I could feel the vestiges of his willpower melting away…sliding away as he, too, imagined being deep inside me, pushing past the rings, hearing me whimper…
He sighed and moved me firmly away from him. “Nope,” he said, “I have willpower this time.”
Heh.  Thank goodness I won’t see him again till we leave for Vegas on Sunday. I have a feeling that willpower might be sorely tested.

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