Lovely Weekend

Had a wonderful weekend after a fairly tough week. First some family time Friday and Saturday, then hanging with both guys, something we haven’t done (that way) in awhile, playing, talking, laughing, taking pictures, having new adventures.  Some sex, some rope, an adult theater and a mean single tail all helped to make it spectacular too.
Now, sitting in bed with ad sleeping next to me, I have hope that he’s pulling himself out of the funk he’s been in.  It’s a slow process, though, this I know.
I have little aches and pains where the whip slashed me. My mind is muzzy still from rope-and-sex-and-pain-and-pleasure.
I’m content.

2 thoughts on “Lovely Weekend

  1. Mmmm… that’s a lovely mental image! I missed having a session this past Friday because I was in hospital, hoping desperately that Sir and I will be able to re-connect this Friday given our busy work schedules. It’s never easy, is it?
    ~Kazi xxx

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