Sinful Sunday – Beach House

I don’t actually have anything sinful going on right now, Sunday or not. I am having a lovely time up here in Michigan with the Missy, but I literally have NO private time: the place is one large room (800 sq ft!) and has several areas set up (sleeping area, jacuzzi, kitchen, dining, living room-type area) but they are all together, and there’s no way to get any privacy at all. I can’t even send the Girl to the store, since we have a rental car and she isn’t old enough to be allowed to drive it.
I’d almost encourage her to take up smoking, just to get her out of the house long enough to have a quickie orgasm.  Or at least take a sexy picture for W. ~smirk~
Or I could find the key to this lovely little place on the beach below the main house.

It is exactly big enough for a queen size bed and a desk. I love it. I sooo want to spend an afternoon there, naked, in that bed, in rope and out, listening to the waves crash on the beach outside and wondering if someone will walk by and peak in the windows…
But the door is locked tight, and I don’t have a key.
But damn, I have a good imagination.  The stories I could write, the fantasies I could fuck myself to…
Now how the hell do I get the Girl out of place for a half an hour??
Sinful Sunday

8 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – Beach House

  1. It might not be traditionally sinful but like you this picture fills my mind full of dirty thoughts. I image a girl, locked up, tied up and her capture dropping by to visit his prize from time to time…. *getting wet at the thought of it. I hope you write a piece, I would love to read it.

  2. Trust me, I know you don’t want to hear this, but she’s probably feeling exactly the same frustration. Well ok maybe not the rope.
    But it’s got to be be worth it. Far too soon she’ll be all grown up and gone. Savour the time.
    sev xx

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