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We had a great time at our local outdoor sculpture park on Sunday.  Ad and I had a great time wandering the park, enjoying the crisp, sunny weather and enjoying each other’s company–and I got to fulfill both a Scavenger Hunt picture and one of my NYC Preparations tasks.
Oh yeah, I’m one awesome multi-tasker.
So exactly what kind of awesome fun did we get up to at Lauemeier?
Well, first we headed up to the restroom, because I had to…accessorize myself.  Because see, I can’t do the Scavenger Hunt the normal way, oh nooooo…it’s gotta be W’s Way. Isn’t that the way it always is?

Hmm…what’s that in my pocket?

I had to stop and pay homage to one of my favorites before I went in to…add my accessory. But today, the title seemed to have special meaning…

This is how I tricked myself out for our afternoon jaunt (W’s intructions had been to wear “something” in one of my holes, preferably public, for at least part of the day.)
If you are wondering what exactly that is I have in my pants, W calls it a “J-Hook.” Because–yes–it is shaped like a “J”.
Guess where the hook is?
After I had snugged it securely up my cunt, I spent the day wandering around the park with Ad, looking like a normal girl taking a walk with her boyfriend. It wasn’t even terribly uncomfortable.
We found a place to complete the Scavenger Hunt at the first sculpture we came to.
One of the things I like about the park is that they encourage people to explore the sculptures physically.

I’m not sure they had quite the kind of “exploring” in mind that we did that day, though.
First a peek.

Then a bit more.

We weren’t through, though. Ad had brought a little something in his jeans: the top to a car antenna, that he uses to “cane” me. It’s a bitch, but it leaves nice marks.  He wanted to create some marks, and then “expose” them at the park, if we could find a suitable place.
So off we went.
On the way down the trail, just past the pyramid, we saw this sign:
I think they *did* know we were coming.

We carried on. I’m fairly certain we were in the 1 hour/day that they weren’t watching.
I played on a covered bridge sculpture.

And climbed to the top of a mound.

Eventually, we came to a lovely little spot next to what used to be a pond.

I tried to escape…

But Ad caught me and made me stand in a corner.

He used the little whippy antenna-cane on me, but the marks didn’t come out much.

Glowing happily, we continued on our way.
And found one more place for the Scavenger Hunt!

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