Now in Print*: Spankalicious!

*Sort-of print. E-book format, actually. But whatever–it’s out and available, with my story, “A Lesson for Penny,” included.
From the book description:
If you’ve ever considered spanking an art, and I know you have, here is a collection of spanking stories that elevate the genre to an art form! George Glass shows us some very imaginative playtime with sci fi addicts in “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” Sometimes what you were looking for turns out to be right in front of you all the time. You’ll discover a tutor who is sure to get you a passing grade in A. Erin Golding’s “Dorm Room Disciplinarian.” You’ll also find out why ballerinas always appear to be so perfect in “Glass Slippers” by Leela Scott.
There’s spanking art galore here, enough to savor for many a night to come. Trust me, there’s plenty here to whet your appetite and gear you up for your next rosy-cheek session!
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Thru Ravenous Romance
Go out and get your copy today!

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