Picture Request – Boots and Gloves

The thing I love about doing these Picture Requests is that they always seem to inspire us to play in a new way. This time, the request was for a picture with me in my tall red boots and long black gloves – easy enough.

But what good is a mostly-naked girl tied up to your ceiling if you aren’t going to do anything to her, right?
I’d been hankering after some impact play, so we figured this would be a good opportunity for that kind of scene. But this time, I asked for a boon: to be allowed to pick out the toys he used.
Lately he’s been into canes. It’s funny, because at one point I had to practically beg him to use a cane on me – I actually purchased a set for him to use. (~hint hint~ right?)  I am happy to say (…er, is ‘happy’ really the right word? LOL) that in the two years or so since, he’s gotten well over that reticence, but lately it seemed like that was all he wanted to hit me with.  He explained it to me thus: “The cane is one implement that is sure to make me instantly hard, every time.”
Well okay, then! I couldn’t complain about that.  But…I was in the mood for some variety. Also, I was hoping for a more “moderate” scene, with maybe some warm-up and build-up, you know, like they say you’re “supposed to do,” in BDSM 101? (Ha!)

He laid out his various whacking implements and gave me my choice.

At the end of the far right of the row is a set of wooden spoons that I bought him over Christmas. Ostensibly because he doesn’t have any to cook with.
I’ve been waiting for them to show up in a scene.  Since Christmas.
I found them still in his kitchen drawer.  “What are these doing here?!” I asked.  He looked surprised at my obvious surprise.  “They’re…for cooking, right?” he said.
Such an innocent that man is at times.
I added them to the pile. All of them. Along with about 7 or 8 other implements.
What? Is that too many?

I did say I wanted an impact scene.
I also wanted to try out all the toys that he hadn’t used on me before. I might never get a chance to choose again, and back into the darkness of his toy cases they’d go, never to be seen again.
What ensued was a fun scene. Oh, it was a hard one.  I hadn’t expected him to use each implement for the full length of a song each time, and he made sure to run the gamut with each toy from “warm up” to “intense” during the course of each song, so I got my impact play, but I think we both really enjoyed the more light-hearted feel, and the wide variety of toys.
I'm nothing if not organized.

I think he also enjoyed making me think twice the next time I decide to pick out my own implements of destruction.


Would you like to make a picture request? Got some exquisite bit of torment you’d like to see W visit upon my oh-so-delicate-and-innocent body, or some bit of punishment you think I really really deserve, or simply have an image in your mind that you’d like for him to capture for you in photographs? Read about the Picture Requests here and then fill out our online form with your idea!

8 thoughts on “Picture Request – Boots and Gloves

  1. The image of you looking at the spoons might be the sexiest shot on your blog. Elegant gloves, yummy sluty boots and tiny black panties for a hint of modesty.

    1. Yea, I have a complex relationships with canes as well. Love them/hate them. Sometimes at the same time. Sometimes hate the same cane that I loved last time he used it. I’m one mixed up kid. 😉

      1. No you’re not mixed up. I used to hate the silicon Flogger at one stage, then one day whooshhh straight into subspace and every other time it was used. My Domme had to find another implement for punishment….
        Hate colds too; hope it gets better soon and you are back to your glorious kinky self.
        Hope you don’t mind me adding you to my blog roll- although I only have a small readership at the moment.

  2. I HATE spoons. Makes me want to run away just at the thought of them. However, I love the cane, in one particular set of hands. He knows what to do with it so that we both get the most out of it. But the spoons always make me cry immediately. Hate em.
    Glad you had so much fun. Love the boots and the juxtaposition of red (boots) and black (gloves) and red (bottom) and black (panties).

    1. ~smile~ Yeeesss…the cane, used a certain way…LOVE it. Makes me wet just thinking about it. Funny thing tho? That “certain way” varies with the situation. Sometimes it’s when he’s brutal to the point of making me almost cry with it, other times it’s when he’s more sensual with it. I wonder if it isn’t the specific sensation but where my head is at at the time… hmm.

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