When I get stressed or anxious, I re-organize shit. Closets, living spaces, my office. That’s sometimes how Ad first knows I’m wrestling with something. I know, you thought I just spew out all the thoughts in my head as they happen, didn’t you? And okay, lots of times I do. But sometimes, I let it sit inside me, roiling around, til I need to clean out my head – so I clean out my space. I’m a cliche, I know.
And sometimes when that happens, life hands me random bits of joy. A library book I thought I lost. A scrap of paper with a scribbled note from a beau. An old picture that I had thought was gone forever, misplaced in the move. A favorite lipstick. (So I’m not always deep. LOL)
I have had a couple of blows at work this week, with some key personnel leaving our organization. One is key because I have very much enjoyed working with him, the other because his position is a support position to my own, which means my workload will increase hugely again once he is gone.
So I decided to re-do my entire office.
Today, as I started the reorganization of my office, I was cleaning out the file cabinet. Part of that is removing the magnetic poetry words I had on the side of it. Remember those? I have a whole bunch of them on my cabinet. They have been there so long I had stopped looking at them, and I assumed no one else even noticed them there. But as I was removing them, I realized that there were all kinds of random bits of poetry that someone had created – and then hidden in the chaos of the rest of the words.

A crushing wild rustle thru
a lush dark passage

I eat words from a wet shiny mouth

Bring your banquet to my sleep
live in my dreams

Sweet mother sea
be like balm to my cold heart

Banquets of life cut through death


Leave the squirrelman honey

You taste of rain and sky and smoke and heat


Apparently I have a poet (and a romantic) hiding amongst my coworkers. That makes me obscurely and inexplicably happy.  Thank you, world, for your randomness.

I wonder who it is?

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