Alphabet Challenge: M is for Mississippi

We almost missed the Letter M for the Alphabet Challenge (the rules of the Challenge, per the Rope on the Run group on Fetlife that hosts it, state that you can only post each letter’s photos to the group during that letter’s week.)  It wasn’t that we didn’t have plenty of M’s to use (Missouri River, mud, Mississippi River, Missouri History Museum, mummy in the art museum and on and on…) but that we had headed down to New Orleans for the Naughty in N’awlins convention without doing one first, and once there, and completely forgotten about Rope on the Run (imagine that.)
So it was, at about 2pm on the Thursday afternoon when the Challenge pics were due, that I suddenly panicked. “Oh my god! We have to do an M!”
W was not so concerned about missing one letter. “Let’s go have a drink,” he said.
But I was (as I can sometimes be) rather insistent. (I know, you’re shocked.) After much pleading (on my part) and a drink (or two) on his part, I convinced him to tie me to a lamppost with one of our lanyards on the river walk next to the Mississippi River and take a picture, which I promptly uploaded directly to Fetlife via my phone. Tragedy averted!  (Ah, the wonders of modern technology.)
They actually turned out pretty cute.

Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with a Hurricane from the infamous Pat O’Briens…

…and wandered boozily down Bourbon Street.  Which we also took a picture of, and, in another wonder of modern technology, then texted to W’s and my daughters.  (Slowly I am convincing W not to be a curmudgeon.) 🙂

So really, M could also be for Modern Technology.

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