750 Words

Look at me, I’m writing. 750 words, to be exact. Well possibly more, but not less. Because there’s this damn website, 750words.com, that I love, and I am on a 6-day streak, and unlike yoga (which I can allow myself to beg out of due to excessive stress placed upon my body yesterday and an awesome massage today) I do not have an excuse to not do.
Or I won’t give myself an excuse.
Actually what I want to do is snuggle up in my warm covers and go to sleep. But I’ve started this damn daily writing thing, and just for once, I’d like to last longer than five days at it, yanno? Besides which, there are badges. Currently I am a penguin. I want whatever comes next. I’m competitive that way. I also want to get the little “You’re awesome, Jade!” pop up when I get my 750 words. Cuz I’m sooo needy of approval. Even if it’s by a mindless piece of software.
So guess what?? You get to read (or don’t, because it’s bound to be painful) the ramblings of a dozy, still-halfway-spaced-out-after-an-awesome-scene-last-night Jade.
So yeah, last night. Wow.
It didn’t start out the best. We went over to W’s and got ready for our local kink group’s monthly party, which, of course, was a Halloween party. We haven’t been in a few months, due to scheduling conflicts and what-not, but I hadn’t actually missed it too much. While I love the core group of people we know, to be honest, not many of them actually play anymore (at least at this particular party), and the folks that do play we don’t know well…in fact we don’t know a majority of the people there anymore. So…there’s a bit of a feeling of disconnection.  Also…the space leaves a bit to be desired. I want a playspace like there used to be here, before it was shut down. Like I have seen in Chicago or Memphis. I am kind of done with this one, to be honest, though since it is the only public play party we have, I suppose (unless I can talk W into heading down to Memphis or to Chicago once every 4 or 6 weeks), it’s all we got.
Anyway…the weather just turned cold here, rather abruptly (as in it was 80 degrees one afternoon, and within an hour or so it had dropped to the low 50’s) and…I wasn’t ready for it! Hell, it’s the end of October, I SHOULD be ready for it, right? It’s not like it’s a surprise or anything for St. Louis to be cold by Halloween, but…I dunno. I just wasn’t ready! (insert stompy feet here)
I hate being cold. I don’t mind the snow, in fact I love the snow – when I can be inside, warm and snug. And I don’t mind thunderstorms, love them in fact, or even just generally crappy weather at all – when I can be inside. But I ABHOR being cold, and wet and cold?? Yikes. There is nothing to turn my mood sour quicker. That really is one outside influence that I let grab hold and bug me (even though I know I shouldn’t and do fight against it.)  But it’s a battle I can’t win, and I get crabby.  So yeah, I was crabby.
Our costumes were two cowboys and a pony, and we were going to bring Topaz out to play, since the Guys were going to be rustling a wild little filly. Originally I was going to wear my usual Topaz get-up: brown panties, bra and boots. But there was NO WAY I was wearing next-to-nothing in that cold – I knew they would keep the playspace too cold (they always do) and getting from the car to the playspace would be miserable. So I changed my outfit to something warmer (but decidedly less sexy) and was feeling…well…decidedly unsexy. And since I was feeling pissy, I told the Guys I didn’t want to get into the rest of my pony gear (rope harness and bit) once we got there, so I wasn’t even feeling in ponyspace, or even like I looked very interesting. (Yep, I was feeling like the ugly duckling wallflower.) And I didn’t know anyone, and there were technical difficulties which meant that the scene that I had wanted wasn’t going to happen…
And I was pissy and just plain wanted to leave about five minutes after we got there.
The Guys, though…they looked great. Ad makes a DAMN fine looking cowboy, let me tell you. 😀
So how did we get from that fairly pissy, bad-tempered Jade to a “still-halfway-spaced-out-after-an-awesome-scene-last-night” Jade?
Well, W of course. He said, “Okay, we’ll go, but first let me tie you a bit.” Then, once he had my arms tied (nice and tight…in fact he had tied them once, and then RETIED them to tighten them.) Even that was perfectly done, because moments before I was thinking that they were just pulled back, no big deal, la-di-da, and I wasn’t really even in the right mindset. Until I felt him cinch those ropes down tight, and my shoulders get yanked back, and my elbows come together.  And then he put the bit in my mouth before I could protest, and a rope around my neck, and he got the quirt out…
And suddenly, everything was different.
Oops! There’s my 750 words. (A few more, actually.) Looks like it’s off to beddie bye for me. Sorry to leave you hanging.  You can imagine the rest, though, can’t you?

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