Yesterday my partner’s father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He’s quite elderly, and has been in declining health – both mental and physical – for quite some time, so this didn’t come as a big shock to the family, but it’s still hard to bear. My partner and I lived with him for about eight years during/after another bout of a different kind of cancer, and so I know him well and was quite close to him for awhile. I haven’t been to see him since he moved into assisted living late in 2019, and now, likely won’t see him at all before the end. He’s in the hospital, which is allowing one visitor per day (each of his children are spending a day with him) but when he gets back to the nursing home, they won’t be allowed entry again, due to Covid, unless some special arrangements can be made. We don’t know yet what kind of timeframe/prognosis there is, except, well, stage 4.

With that in mind, I did do my yoga practice this AM. I needed to breathe. And here I am doing my writing practice. Later, I am going to run the treadmill. But the sexy stuff? Tasks 11 & 12? Not so much. They will happen…life does go on. Just not right now.

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