Dreams and Shoes

So I had this dream the other night that I was staying in this house on the beach, I believe in the Outer Banks, NC, for the summer.  And the deal was that I had free use of the house for the entire summer, but that my “rent” was that I was to allow myself to be used sexually by anyone that the owner sent to the house, either as a gift to friends or workmates, as payment for services rendered, or just because he wanted me to be used by someone. I was not to ask who they were or why they were there, not to give them my name, and not to refuse them any act. They would come alone for a night or a couple nights, or sometimes in small groups, both men and women. There was no BDSM, except for the right to use my sex–my mouth, cunt and ass–as they chose. It was an incredibly hot dream, although it had no sex in it at all…I was just there, sitting on this porch with its peeling paint, facing a wide, sandy beach and the ocean beyond, wearing faded jeans with holes in the knees and a sheer gauze blouse.  The wind tugged at my hair and I could smell the salt and fish and water, and I knew all this about my situation, and was simply waiting there for someone to arrive.
Today I am wearing shoes that really don’t match my outfit except in the color (maroon and black.)  I am wearing a simple short-sleeved top and casual wrap-around skirt which would lend themselves better to black sandals, but (ala W’s directive to not forget to get my sexy on each day) I decided on some high, strappy, open-toed shoes.  As I said, totally inappropriate for my outfit, but they already garnered one, “great shoes!” comment at the gym, so I am happy. And speaking of comments on shoes, a waitress at the restaurant where my new spanking friend took me the other night commented on the shoes I was wearing that night…another “great shoes!”   Ahhhh…shoe love.  I wonder if I have any pictures in these shoes?  Hmm, will have to ask W…
No, wait…I have a webcam!  (And obviously too much time on my hands…or a severe lack of motivation to do, oh, work today.)  So here’s my sexy shoes, tho I’d have liked to show more shoe TOP and less shoe BOTTOM…taking sneaky webcam pictures in my office with its open door is not so easy to do.  lol


Okay, back to work.  No really.

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