In my computer bag this morning I have “The Mammoth Book of Lesbian Erotica,” in which I have a story published, and a pair of sexy panties.  An odd place for them, perhaps, but that way I wouldn’t forget them when I left the house this morning. I am possibly stopping by W’s house after class/studying tonight, so both those things are necessary, as are my ruby red almost-too-sexy-for-work slippers pumps that I wore to work. (“There’s no place like W’s, there’s no place like W’s…”)
And if you’re into red, er, scarlet, and you like to write, hop on over to the Scarlet Tour at that Trollop with a Laptop’s place to submit a scarlet story for her H is for Harlot blog.  My sexy red shoes are one of her featured pics, as are a number of other similarly-hued “story starters.”
And as for me?  I’ll have more “red” for you later.

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