Mud Virgin

As a special treat, since I will likely be too busy to write much here in the next few days, I thought I’d leave you with a couple images and some notes from a weekend I blogged about a little bit here and here. This was the other part of the weekend, the part that didn’t involve me fucking anyone or playing with anyone or letting myself be used by anyone. But it was, in its own way, just as emotionally charged as those other events.
The original reason we went up to WI for the weekend was so that W could be the 2nd cameraman for his friend, who shoots mud, or quicksand, videos. If you have no idea what a mud video is, follow this link and check it out. Not my kink, perse, but it turned out to be a whole lot more fun than I anticipated, and I actually got in the mud, and played a bit part in another video that he was shooting that weekend.  Imagine, me, a movie star!
Well ok, maybe not a star, but I didn’t totally fuck the whole shoot up, at least.
I didn’t plan to play in the mud. In fact I rather emphatically stated that a) I didn’t want to play in the mud, and b) I didn’t want to be on video. Apparently those “hard limits” were sort of squishier than originally supposed. By the time Saturday afternoon came around, I was all about getting in the mud! I realized, hey, I might never be in a situation again where I can pretend to be drowning in quicksand, I better do it now while I have the chance.
But that’s not to say I wasn’t nervous as hell. First of all, I had in my head that it would be me and W and R, his friend that does the mud shoots, there at the pit. No one else watching me.  I also had it in my head that there would be NO cameras filming it. Or at least video cameras–I know W far too well to think he wouldn’t be taking some pictures.  But although W never told me whether I should or shouldn’t do it, tho he made no demands on me about this particular thing, he knew me well enough to trip some of my triggers once the decision was made.  He made me go out and announce to the whole crew that I was going, and I would like them to please join us and watch, and he filmed it all.
I did get one of my requests though–if I was going to do it, I wanted to be tied.
W put the prettiest rope dress on me ever. Really ever, because I think it was the only one he’d ever put on me up to that point. See, we’ve done lots of horrendous, amazing, brutal, heart-wrenching, scary-ass scenes, and not once have I had a bad physical reaction.  Until he decided to do a “pretty” scene with me. That’s the scene where I almost passed out and threw up. So–no more pretty scenes for Jade! But he managed to do a very pretty rope dress on me this time without making me throw-up OR pass out.
And then, we went out to the mud pits.
It’s kind of funny to think about now.  Apparently my method of going in for a first-timer is not the “usual.” First, being tied up for my first sink.  Then, once I was there, I simply walked to the edge, took a few deep, tremulous breaths, and jumped in.
The mud was cold, and very very heavy. There was a good deal of fear on my part: I didn’t know what to expect, and I don’t like to be pinned down (odd for a bondage bunny to say, but rope & leather don’t feel like being pinned.) But I wiggled my way down and down into the mud, and eventually, it kind of felt good.  Sensuous and slick. I almost forgot about the camera, until I looked to W for affirmation that I was doing okay, and instead saw the video camera.  No help there.
At the last, I decided to go under completely. R had given me a bit of instruction just before I went in, in case something went wrong, but not a whole lot.  Like I said, I sort of just walked to the edge, steeled myself, and jumped. But when I decided to go under, W called out that maybe giving me some instructions on how to do it would be good. And what to do if I got in trouble.  Because it’s not like going under water.  And I was tied, something that most girls aren’t their first time, either. So R coached me on exactly how to do it, and how to come up from it, and what to do when you came up.
It took me two tries, but I did it, eventually. That part was terrifying, to be truthful.  I hate water spraying in my face, and this was ten times worse. I really did feel like I might suffocate, even tho I was only under completely very very briefly (a couple seconds.)
Afterward, R got in the mud with me and helped me out (with a bit of sliding his hands around on my slippery skin, yumm.)  I was shaking so bad from cold (it was a miserably cold day) that I could barely stand up, but R held onto me while I was hosed off, and eventually showered off in the hottest water I could stand.
Mud virgin no more.
Here are a couple pictures of it.
And during:

5 thoughts on “Mud Virgin

  1. I was waiting for this blog…to see what Jade really though of it all.
    First let me say she did an outstanding job as an extra in the video she participated in. Then to do a “first” by going in the mud bound was exceptional. This is one courageous gal.
    I’ll bet we can coax her to extra again for us someday and to give her a few more experiences in sinking. (She has yet to try the peat bog.)
    waves to jade,

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