The Shore – Days & Nights – Saturday

Actually, this day & night was filled with so much fun, vanilla and otherwise, that I’m gonna have to break it up into two posts.  In fact…I’m going to break the day into several posts and do a special Wanton Wednesday for the evening (a preview of which I did in my first ever Sinful Sunday) just because the evening was so down and dirty, as befitted our skanky little motel room. (I say it that way, but really it was just a throwback to the old days of “real” motels, with the decor not having been updated since then! But it was a fun, funky little place right on the beach, and for that, I loved it.)
Still…as W said, the place’s particular and unique flavor called for a certain type of play: kinda nasty and funky to go along with it.
The day, however…well, that was something else entirely.
It started out a normal day.  We headed to Assateague Island to see the wild ponies.

At the Assateague Island Visitor's Center, enjoying the sun and view.

I thought about flashing him, but there were so many people around...

So we just played with the camera, trying to get a pic that wasn't JUST our big heads.

Aww...sweet, huh?

(As a side note, I introduced my mom to the reality of W’s place in my life only a few weeks ago.  She’s been hearing about him in an offhand way for a few months now, but I finally told her that he is my “other partner.” Today at lunch I mentioned that he had gone to Baltimore with me and showed her this photo as well as some other pics that we took.  It was the first time she’d seen him, or he and I together.  Her comments: “What a sweet picture!” “You two are adorable.” “Such a handsome man!” And my favorite: “I’m kind of envious.  You have two wonderful men to love you. I wish I’d had the courage to live my life the way you do.”  My Mom freakin ROCKS.)
After getting maps and info and talking with the rangers, we headed over to the island.  It is miles and miles of desolate beach, marsh and dunes, surrounded by a bay on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.  We started out oceanside, of course, but, even though there were far fewer people there since it was brisk and off-season, there were still too many people around.  I’d heard the ponies would probably be inland, and I wanted to find ponies…and some isolation.
My man had rope in his pocket, after all.  And I had a surprise under my shirt.
We'd heard the ponies would probably be in the marsh rather than on the beach, so off into the dunes we went...

I finally found a deserted place.

And showed W my surprise.

More to come…

5 thoughts on “The Shore – Days & Nights – Saturday

  1. Great pictures, but how awesome is your mum? It’s great that she’s been so accepting. You obviously broke things to her in just the right way.
    sev x

  2. You are right, you Mum rocks! Can I get her in touch with mine, maybe she can give her some tips on ‘how to be happy for your daughter’ skills!

  3. I’ve been to both islands, once as a kid and once a few years ago with my hubs. The second time we didn’t see many ponies until we got to the beach parking lot and the campground!!! And I went on a few multiple-mile walks to see the damn things!! Frustrating. But then, we were able to get right up to them. It was so hard, resisting the urge to try and pet one. I did get a couple of great pics of the ponies though, close up. Oh now i want to go back!!!

    1. I know…I am planning a retreat for my daughter and I, and I keep thinking I want to take her back there-rental rates on Chincoteague would be so cheap! But it’s so damn FAR, and I can’t afford flights, a rental AND a car. (sigh) Maybe next year…

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