The Shore – Saturday (continued)

So where did I leave off…
Oh yes, I was sitting in the sand, baring my nipple-collared titties to W and the world.
The beach and the Atlantic were beautiful, but there were actually quite a few people there. Apparently besides being a sanctuary for birds and wildlife, Assateague Island is also a popular destination for fishing parties and bonfires on the beach.  All well and good, I suppose, unless you want to see wild ponies. And the wild ponies of Assateague were why we’d come there, after all.  A park ranger had told us that the ponies liked to spend the colder months inland in the marshes and on the bayside, anyway, so we headed out across the dunes and into the marsh.

Saturday - across the dunes
This was to be the last few minutes of freedom for me for a while...

Because shortly after this we found an overgrown road with fresh pony tracks, and as soon as we were out of view of the beach, I ended up like this:

It was fun playing prisoner, and we walked for quite a while along that track, until we met up with a fellow pony-tracker, who told us there were ponies just around a bend in the road (W had taken the rope off quickly when he heard someone approaching.)
Soon, we found the little band of ponies, 3 mares, a foal and their stallion.
Our first view of the little band of ponies.

I got fairly close, and the mare, tho protective of her foal, was quite inquisitive.

Tho when the stallion came down the path, ears back, to move his mares away from the "danger" that was me, I moved out of his territory with alacrity. He may have been a pony, but he was a lot bigger than me! Besides, I was on *his* turf.

We followed the ponies at a safe distance as they continued on towards the bay.  Our chance-met fellow pony-lover had long since disappeared, so I asked W to play cowboy–and lasso his ponygirl.
Think we're ready for the rodeo?

Later we decided to make use of another handy tree.

We did end up following the ponies all the way out to the bay.

We kept trying to get self-portraits of us with the ponies in the background, but it didn't work too well. So we were just silly.

I had to go pee. W thought “tinkling” next to the sign for “Tingling Campsite” was a splendid idea.

I didn't so much, and couldn't actually manage it until we got someplace a little more "private." Still outside, but sheltered from the ponies' prying eyes by trees, at least.

And that was the end of our day!  Well, until this, later.

Next stop: Chincoteague Island!

7 thoughts on “The Shore – Saturday (continued)

  1. Well that looked fun. You certainly seemed to be having a good time and what a beautiful smile in the “rodeo” photo. I can’t wait to see what happens next. 🙂

  2. That sounds like such a fun time! one of my favourite books growing up was Misty (the story of a pony from Chincoteague) and I was enthralled when I realised it was an actual place 🙂
    (and of course you know I’m all about the bondage too)
    ~Kazi xxx

    1. Yes, of course I know Misty! My first pony was named Mindy-she was a Welsh pony, but a paint just like Misty, and I used to imagine she was Misty!

  3. Something seems wrong with these picture :S OH wait, your not wearing heels during your outdoor adventure 😛
    ~Jess XX~

    1. Me & Kara know how much you love your heels 🙂 Of course we don’t mind seeing them on you either since have such fantastic taste in them 🙂
      ~Jess XX~

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