And the drought is over…


Spankings and gropings, an obnoxiously tight corset, short short skirt and 6″ high heels…

and, oh…maybe a set of bells…

…and wham bam thank YOU ma’am…Ad is back in fine form. I got schtupped three times in one day.  He couldn’t keep his hands–or cock–off (or out of) me.
It started with an early morning fuck. I’ve talked about how I love to lay next to him as he masturbates, that sometimes I lay there, pretending to sleep, just listening to his breathing, waiting for that little catch of his breath when I know he’s going to come, and then his sigh, and the feeling of the bed rocking as he pumps the last of his orgasm out with his fist.
I don’t even mind if he’s not having sex with me, if he is at least pleasuring himself. There are all kinds of reasons couples (and more-ples) go thru dry spells. Ad and I have been thru them before, and come out the other side thirsting for each other again. But I worry when he doesn’t have any interest in sex for an extended period of time. He can go thru some severe “down” times, and having no interest in sex at all is usually a pretty clear marker that he is in one–which is exactly where he has been for awhile.  But then, recently, he started to display a little more interest, and although he wasn’t ready to engage in sex, we had some lovely mutual masturbation sessions as his sex drive has started to rev up again, and even some gentle, exploratory sex, like the night I wore the buttplug. It’s like that with him sometimes, like he’s got to learn to feel comfortable with himself–and me–sexually again.
So I was delighted and surprised when I woke to find him between my legs, his mouth warm and wet on me. I’ll admit the first thoughts that went through my head were, “It’s five in the freakin’ morning!” “I haven’t had a shower!” and “This is really not my favorite kind of sex,” but then I realized that hey, he wanted to have sex(!), and I relaxed and allowed myself to just enjoy him loving on my body.
Which he did, lovingly and thoroughly.
So imagine my further surprise when we were taking a nap later that afternoon, and, as I spooned him from behind, I felt him take my hand and put it on his (already-hard) cock! He rolled onto his back and I crawled under the covers to take him in my mouth, loving the feel and taste and smell of him.  I had so missed sharing this with him.
Unfortunately, just as things started getting good, the alarm went off and we had to get up.  We had a party to go to.
“It’s okay,” I said, “we’ll save it for later.”
And we did. First we had a lovely scene at the party, with spankings, elastics, his little whippy car-antenna-cane, two slappy leather things, a bit of rope and lots of laughter. It was loads of fun, I ended up with some gorgeous marks, and when we got home we had some delicious, hard sex, the kind that ends with his hand in my hair, shoving my face down so hard onto his cock I gagged as he shot semen down my throat. Now this was the sex I love with Ad!
Imagine my further surprise when I woke up less than six hours later to the feel of his hard cock nudging at my asscheeks, and then him turning me over onto my belly so that he could get at me from behind. I was barely awake, and not even aroused yet, so I was glad that he used lube, but even with it I was tight and a bit tender. Little Sister’s gotten some use she hasn’t seen in awhile!
But oh the feel of him between my legs, of his cock deep inside of me, of my lips spread open to receive him. I even loved the feel of him banging against my cervix, and opened myself wider to him, wanting to feel his balls slapping against me with every thrust. By the time he was getting close to climax I was too, and the feel of his long, deep thrusts, the sound of his tortured breathing and little, panting “Yes’s” in my ear, were enough to get me there.
I’m glad that the psuedo-father-in-law is hard of hearing, because I think we both made a lot of noise.  But that’s okay. The drought is over, and I am drinking deep.

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  1. I missed you writing about Ad here. I’m glad things are back to fantastic and I hope the trend continues. All the best.

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