AND…I have a theme!

selective focus photo of oxeye daisies

This year’s theme, via the A to Z Challenge, is My Favorite Things (a not-definitive list.)
But DAMN I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! Okay, here goes, A to E…

A is for …

  • All things ass. Mine, yours, his, hers, theirs.
  • African violets.
  • And asters and amaryllises and anemones. (What can I say, it’s springtime!)
  • Airports (I know, I’m weird, but I love the wander around in them while I’m waiting for a flight.)
  • Armpits. (Another weird one, I know. Not like a fetish, but like…I just like to breathe a person in. Persons I’m intimate with. Not like, randos at the airport.)
  • And of course – April’s A to Z Blogging Challenge!

B is for …

  • Bowling, board games, and (of course) BOOBIES. (Both the bird and the body parts.)
  • Bees! (See springtime, above.)
  • Bacon! And banana bread. And Brussel sprouts.
  • Oh, and books. Lots and lots of books.
  • And bridges. And bald eagles.
  • And blankets and blue glass and bracelets and bath bombs and bath bubbles!
  • When he calls me his bitch.
  • Bruises!

C is for …

  • Cocks and cocksucking (duh!)
  • Canes.
  • The word cunt (especially when he says it.)
  • Crocheting.
  • Curls (his), cards (playing), and camping (in the campervan). And coffee!
  • Oh, and chocolate. (Almost left that out because of the “ch” sound.)
  • Chenin Blanc (different sound, same reason.)
  • And oh holy hell how could I forget? Cum! That should have been maybe the first item. Well okay, second, after cocks and cocksucking (because eggs => chicken, right?)

D is for …

  • Downtowns, D&D, dominance & desire.
  • Mmm, and dripping.
  • And okay, because cocks: dicks. (Same/same?) Though I like the word cock better.
  • Dungeons. The BDSM kind. I’m a sucker for an atmosphere.
  • Dogs!!
  • Dessert. Any kind.
  • Deserts! Any kind.
  • Decisiveness (his, not mine, because I’m not. Decisive.)
  • Daffodils. Dahlias. Daisies. (Again, see springtime.)
  • Dancing (like no one is watching!) 😉
  • Discipline. (Ohhh…mmm…)
  • Dressing up.
  • Dildos.
  • His deliciously deft fingers.

E is for …

  • Elephants (who doesn’t love them?)
  • Elephant ears – the plant, not the animal part.
  • Earnestness
  • Enchiladas, specifically verde, but also rojo.
  • Erotica
  • Eggs Benny and eggs over medium. And scrambled and hard boiled and deviled and salad. I guess that should just be “eggs.”
  • And, from the Fetlife list of fetishes (because I was having a hard time thinking of sexytime “E” faves): enforced bedtime, eating pussy, exhibitionism.
  • Oh! I don’t think this was on the Fetlife list: erotic embarrassment! And actually, since The Hypnotist, just straight-up embarrassment. (I didn’t realize that could be a good, much less a favorite, thing.)

And that, my dears, is me all caught up. We’ll see how the next few days of this Challenge go…I may keep just playing this every-few-days list game, or might decide to do one in-depth favorite a day. Or mix it up! Who knows – I’ll guess we’ll see! Stay tuned…

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