I want to come in HIS mouth

It’s this clit hood ring.  I got it put back in, and I had to know if it would work the way it used to, when I had it in before.
Thursday, after we got home from the piercer’s, I couldn’t wait to go to bed.  A was hesitant to irritate the site–I’d had the piercer replace my old 14 gauge with a 12 gauge, and the piercing was tight and tender, still kind of pinchy, but since it hadn’t had to be re-pierced, it didn’t need any healing time.  And I was just too worked up to not touch it, to not rub it, to not beg him to fuck me, please, in whatever way it took to get me off.  I guess the bit of pain mixed with the constant pressure of the silver band against my clit was just too much.
There were a few things I’d forgotten.  The first is how to touch myself with the ring.  Everyone has their own way of doing themselves, their own particular way to touch themselves.  But I’d forgotten that my usual way doesn’t work with the ring.  And actually, it’s a little harder to orgasm with my fingers with the ring, because the method has to be pretty specific, otherwise it is just annoying (at best) and painful (at worst).  But if I get the method right, I usually orgasm quicker, and harder than I will without it.
The second thing I’d forgotten is that I have to have lubricant of some sort on it.  Spit, girl-juice, lube of whatever kind, but it’s gotta be there.  The ring is just too intense, painfully so, if I am not very wet.
That said, with toys and/or oral, I always orgasm easier with the ring.  It was specifically for how I orgasm with oral that I put the ring back in, actually, that and how pretty it is.  I LOVE how my ring looks, especially now with my pretty waxed cooch.  And I loveloveLOVE how A makes me come with his mouth with my ring.
Oral sex has always been a little problematical for me.  Prior to the first installation of my ring, I had never orgasmed from oral sex.  In fact I had come to dislike it, because my lovers seemed so determined to make me come that way, and I never did, and then I felt deficient somehow, like there was something wrong with me.  I wanted to come for these men, desperately, but just couldn’t do it.  After the ring…damn, it was incredible.  It was completely unexpected and happened almost against my will, as I had no intention of trying and failing again, but since I was tied up at the time, I had no choice.
It was actually A that made me come that time…I don’t even know if he realized how much of an issue it was for me, as whenever he had started to go there prior to the ring I simply “rerouted” him to other things, and we went on and enjoyed ourselves in other ways.   But that day, after my ex had left us in bed to snuggle and start our day (he had to work early) A and I started to fool around in that lazy-Sunday-morning way a couple does.  One thing led to another, and soon he had tied my wrists to the bedposts with scarves and another across my eyes.  He was kissing me, stroking me, pinching me here and there, biting my neck, all those lovely little games people play.  And then, before I knew it, he had kissed his way from my mouth, to my neck, to each pebbly nipple, and further, down my belly and to the triangle between my legs.  I tensed immediately, and started to twist away.  But then his mouth touched my clit.  A soft, gentle touch with just the tip of his tongue…
And I froze.  My breath caught in my throat.  I wanted to tell him to stop, but I couldn’t.  He covered my clit–hood, ring and all–with his whole warm, wet mouth.  Heat flooded me; I jerked spastically against him.  I couldn’t believe how good it felt.  But still I wasn’t convinced I would come, and I was afraid of failing.  Still…what would it hurt, just to…enjoy…what he was doing, just for a little bit?  And then he began doing that thing that he does, that thing that I wanted him to do last night, the thing that makes me come, and come, until I could cry.  And I came, and it was so sweet and so amazing, all the more so because it was the last thing I had expected.
So last night, when he started, I realized he had “forgotten” how to do it, between the last time I had the ring and this time.  Since I’d taken it out I had…learned is too structured a word, but something akin to it…I had conditioned myself, I guess, to come with oral.  It took certain circumstances, such as the other night when W and I were sceneing, to bring me there.  A high level of stress, of endorphins, some pain, usually being tied, being made to feel that I am being forced to endure it.  Because that’s the other thing about cunnilingus: it has always felt like being served by a man, being serviced, and is the exact opposite, because of that, to being Topped.  That fact worked this weird mind fuck in my head that made it unpleasurable.  On the other hand, if I am “forced” to endure it, to even enjoy it…well, that’s another thing.  Then it’s fucking my mind, as well as my body.
W and I were talking about sex for the sake of sex the other night.  I know a woman that very much wants sex, wants to be fucked, purely for the physical sensation and release.  Very male energy, I think (and maybe another reason I am attracted to her, that strange mix of male & female energies.)  Of course there are times when all I want is a cock in me, all I want is to be fucked, hard, without any of the pretties that we wrap sex up in.  But before that point, I need, as W puts it, my mind fucked.  I need all this other stuff going on in my head, I need to have him fucking my brain to be able to feel it in my cunt.  That’s what I needed to make oral work for me, the mind fuck, but what I wanted was to be able to come simply from the phsyical sensation, as I had when I got my ring put in.  And wow, what if I could combine the two?  A brain orgasm as well as body?  Woohoo, life is good!
And damn if it didn’t work.  He unforgot how to do it pretty quickly…okay well, I did have to remind him how I liked it.  I usually don’t tell someone verbally what I like, how to do something, unless they ask me to.  I don’t want sex to be a command performance, I want to let him know with my body (which has a pretty loud voice) when it’s working.  And he would have eventually figured it out, I know my SO, he is very very patient that way, and listens really well to what my body’s saying.  But I was a little (ahem) impatient.  “Please,” I said, my voice thready and urgent even in my own ears, “long, flat strokes, like before, remember?”  And oh yeah, he remembered.  Like a kitten lapping milk, long, flat tongue, wet wet, then covering my clit with his mouth, not so much sucking as just pulling, ever so lightly, before resuming the kitten-laps.  And OMG it was happening…my body arching up against his mouth, the building that was all body and no head, just a physical sensation that was so goddamned sweet I couldn’t help the mewling noises I made.
And then, out of nowhere, it happened.  My head went somewhere new, a place I think it remembered from before but where it hasn’t gone much since.  Suddenly I was fucking his mouth, thrusting my clit-cock into his mouth, and in my head I was chanting, “I want to come in your mouth…”  It wasn’t coming like a girl, either, it was fucking his mouth with a long, extended cock-like clit, thrusting it in until I came, squirting cum into his mouth, filling it, just as he fills mine.  And by god, I came with that image in my head, I came clutching my thighs around him, arching my back, throwing my head from side to side.  I came so hard I had to stuff my arm in my mouth to keep myself from screaming out loud and waking my son in the next room.  I came until I had tears in my eyes and he had to forcefully pull himself away, laughing, gasping for air.
He held me and we both laughed from the pure joy of it.  “I guess it still works, huh?”
Um, yeah.  It still works.


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