I’ve been working on this picture post about a scene that W and I and Ad had…hours long it was, and they took a couple hundred pics between them.  It was an amazing scene, and those pictures show so much of what it is that I love about being the property–and lover, and toy, and play partner–of two men.  So I’ve been weeding through pictures and trying to capture and illuminate the essence of each photo and of the scene itself, which has been a long process.  In the process of doing that, though, I started kind of musing on how we got here, to this place where we all play together.  And so goddamned well.
One thing that I really like about having both guys play with me is the multi-layered, multi-part dimension to the play. Each session tends to have two or more distinct “scenes” within it, each with its own intensity all by itself, but combined, what I end up with is a feeling of perpetual play, of concerted and focused intensity, sometimes for hours at a time.  We move and flow from one activity to another, from one style of play to another, my body and my sex and my self being handed off from one to the other of them, back and forth, until finally, at some point in time discernible only to them, they deem me “finis,” and I collapse in a heap at their feet, or on the floor, or in bed, or in their outstretched arms (outstretched specifically to keep me from falling, usually.)
From what they’ve said afterward, these scenes are seldom actively choreographed.  They don’t actually plan to go from A to B to C, but from within it, from where I sit, it all happens so seamlessly that it might as well be.  And in the end I get these lovely, long, drawn-out scenes in which I have peaks and valleys and more peaks, another valley, another peak…until I am an exhausted (happy) mess on the floor.
This is one of the things that I was first attracted to in playing with W, as a matter of fact: right from that first time we played at his house he moved me through a succession of mini-scenes within the larger session, something I had never experienced in quite that way before.  He was as tirelessly enthusiastic for placing me in one bondage predicament after another, for going from one painful–or bone-shudderingly orgasmic–activity after another, for pushing me until I was clearly and glaringly “done,” unable to handle one thing more, as I was to have him do so.  And while it is true that we have fewer of those long, drawn out, mutli-part sessions than we did in the beginning, it is probably a consequence of having the opportunity to play more often, though in shorter duration, than we used to, as opposed to less of a desire to do so.  This isn’t in and of itself a bad thing–we just have the opportunity to do many shorter scenes over several days, nights or weeks, as opposed to all in one or two nights in a row.
Still, I miss those kind of sessions at times, and look forward, with hope and a certain avarice, to having them again.  Yes, it is all about greed in this case.  And, in fact, I keep trying to engineer a time frame where I can stay at W’s and we can explore this kind of scenario again, but it hasn’t worked out recently, for various reasons.  I’m ever hopeful, though. 😉
I can see that it is a lot easier on W when he has someone he can pass me off to so he can take a break, though. Kind of like that sex thing, yanno?  Apparently, according to the guys, it takes a lot of energy to keep up with me. (I know, whodda thunk?)  I’m easy to please, in that I like just about everything, but I like a lot of it!  So I can see where having a teammate could be a relief.  LOL  (I say that as though it’s a hardship, a chore, having to play with me.  Like the guys are all “Oh, noooooes we have to go beat that girl again! ZOMG, she wants us to fuck her again!”  I think they might have a bit more fun at it than that.)
I think it’s interesting how this all came about, the way they play with me, and their incredible adeptness at it.  It really grew fairly organically, after some initial “getting to know each other” time. I do think that I had to set it in motion the first time, but after that it developed on its own.
Ad had been familiar with double-topping me, as he had done it on more than one occasion with my Ex and with the occasional play partner. He’s always enjoyed being the foil, the “assist,” but wasn’t as comfortable taking a front-and-center role. W’s original, hands-off approach to double-topping was actually perfect for this situation in the beginning, almost forcing Ad into a primary role (in the beginning either W or Ad would play camera man, while the other did naughty, nasty, depraved things to me, but not take an active role in the play) while still giving him the sense that W was there to assist if anything went wrong.  As Ad became more confident in what he was doing, as well as his own style–and became more cognizant of the differences in his style as compared to W’s–he even began enjoying being in the spotlight and showing off the way he plays.  I think this time period gave W some time to observe Ad’s playstyle as well, but it wasn’t until I told him that I wanted them to play with me together–not with one as an observer all the time–that he tried it at last.  And oh what a successful experiment that was!
And now, here we are.  A place where they each act as photographer occasionally, or sometimes double-up on me, as they did at a recent play party.  Joy both ways.
As usual, I seem to have lucked in to the best of both worlds. 😉
Now, on to that picture post.  Keep an eye out for it soon.

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  1. So glad that worked out so well, and kudo’s on communicating what you wanted. I hope someday Goddess will find someone suitable to double top me.

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