Book tours, wanking & sex toys – oh my!

I have a paper to write.
I have work to do.
I have real writing, ie a blog with some real content, to do.
And all I can think about is my cunt.
This is all Curvaceous Dee‘s fault, and her month-long Wankfest Challenge.  Well, her’s and W’s fault.
I started a spreadsheet, as she did, and sent the link over to W. (Have I mentioned I love Google Docs lately?) Anyway, no I am not publishing mine to all and sundry, mostly because of that aforementioned embarrassment that I can’t seem to shake about masturbation in the first place, but also because I don’t usually read erotica or watch porn to get me off (although seeing as how I am on the Please, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission Virtual Book Tour, there will be at least one day this month that that will change.)  I fantasize almost exclusively, and I am here to say that my fantasies are sometimes a little…raw…even for this space.  So no, I am not sharing them here. But I did share them with W, because he is as nasty as I am (if not more so!) when it comes to the dirty things that get us off, and I knew he’d enjoy.
What I didn’t expect was for him to decide, based on my first two day’s meeting of the challenge, that yes, he is “requiring” me to participate now.
And so now all I can think about is my cunt. And how I am going to get myself off, and what toy I might use, and what dirty thoughts I am going to think while I am doing it and how I no longer get to choose if I am playing or not.  And of course, if I win the “Get Inspire(d)!” contest at Eden Cafe, I’ll have one more toy to choose from.  A new wand to replace Baldy?!? Well, it is purple.
So while I may not get a lot else done, this could be…a lot…of fun.

One thought on “Book tours, wanking & sex toys – oh my!

  1. A little too raw, even for this blog…wow now my mind in wandering…
    Well I could think of worse ways to spend an entire month than thinking of ways to get off 😉

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