Preparations. And the Cardinals.

I haven’t seen W since last Thursday, when we got back from our Baltimore trip. I know, I know, maybe that doesn’t seem like such a long time, but after nearly 8 straight days together (or crooked ones, whichever) this week has seemed an eternity. Enough so that I asked him if we could get together before Thursday, my usual weekday day and night with him.
Or maybe he suggested it.  I can’t recall just now.
Anyway, at first it was just “lunch, run an errand, talk.” Then last night I wrote to him what I really wanted:
“I wanna come over and have a raunchy, brutal BDSM session and then turn around and go back to work. We can do lunch and talk and play nice (or not) Thurs day and/night. Whatcha say?”
His response?
“I’m certainly not going to turn that down!”
So it looks like I have an altogether different kind of lunch date today.  In preparation, I had planned to wear something professional/slutty. Button-down blouse, pencil skirt, too-high high heels.  Dark makeup. Something just this side of inappropriate.
I was slutwear blocked.  The woman in my office that (thinks she) runs it came around yesterday and said that in honor of something the Cardinals are doing (a baseball team here that is (apparently?) winning some games?) today is “jeans-and-Cardinals shirts” day.
Seriously???  Has she seen my wardrobe? In the four years I have worked here have I EVER worn something sports-team related, gone to a ballgame or even mentioned anything to do with sports?
But I don’t wanna seem like a contrary bitch, tho I was feeling like one.  So okay…red.  I can do red.
I revamped my look a little: red sweater, jeans and red shoes. With a Jade twist, of course.  The sweater is little, and tight, and stretchy. It should go over a camisole, because over a bra it stretches just a bit too much, and the center button pops occasionally. Oops!
I’m wearing it with a black bra.
And okay, I am wearing jeans.  With fire-engine red, Ridiculously High-Heeled pumps.  Oh yeah, RHH’s at work. Go me!
And red, red lipstick.
So there. Can’t slutwear block me!
(And yes, hopefully pictures will be forthcoming, if I can talk W into taking one or two.) 😉

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